How to Clean a Nelson Bubble Lamp

Pictured here next to the medium lamp I purchased last year

It took me a bit of googling, but I found a handy post (on Flickr, of all places)

To save you a bit of trouble here's how to clean a Nelson bubble lamp:

Step 1: obtain a dirty nelson lamp. I got mine from KSL (the Utah version of Craigslist, minus the personals section). An older couple was selling a set of three they bought back in the 70's. Regrettably, I only got one of them. It hasn't yellowed much, but it has a stubborn coating of who knows what on the top side of it.

Step 2: reference

Step 3: ignore completely because soap and water just isn't cutting it (actually, it says don't use bleach/ammonia, and I would recommend following that guidance)

Step 4: get some "phosphate-free TSP" (which is confusing, because TSP literally stands for "tri-sodium phosphate", so who knows what's in this). The guide I found recommends using this along with a magic eraser, although I found that didn't help a massive amount compared to a rag.
The box said to mix 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.
I mixed about 1 tablespoon per cup of water, so there's that...

Step 5: scrub. It's going to be a fair amount, so don't expect to get this part done in a few minutes. Make sure to rinse it really well, you don't want the TSP sitting on it for super long. (The original post mentioned that warm water will help tighten up the coating, I'm not sure how much this had an effect when I tried it. It does say not to use hot water, because that can make the enclosure sag, and I didn't attempt to verify that one.)

Here's a half scrubbed/half original view
So fresh. So clean.

Step 6: hang it!
I'm still working on this step. I did just get clearance from my landlord to replace light fixtures (thank goodness because we have some brass atrocities hanging in the living/dining rooms...)

Oh yeah. Update: I ended up renting a place because the location and price are fantastic. I'll resume house hunting sometime in the next few months hopefully.

(Side note, isn't my coffee table gorgeous? It makes such a fantastic backdrop)


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