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How to Clean a Nelson Bubble Lamp

It took me a bit of googling, but I found a handy post (on Flickr, of all places)

To save you a bit of trouble here's how to clean a Nelson bubble lamp:

Step 1: obtain a dirty nelson lamp. I got mine from KSL (the Utah version of Craigslist, minus the personals section). An older couple was selling a set of three they bought back in the 70's. Regrettably, I only got one of them. It hasn't yellowed much, but it has a stubborn coating of who knows what on the top side of it.

Step 2: reference

Step 3: ignore completely because soap and water just isn't cutting it (actually, it says don't use bleach/ammonia, and I would recommend following that guidance)

Step 4: get some "phosphate-free TSP" (which is confusing, because TSP literally stands for "tri-sodium phosphate", so who knows what's in this). The guide I found recommends using this along with a magic eraser, although I found that didn't help a massive amount compared to a …