Craigslist Finds

Hoooooo boy.

Around these parts we have something called KSL. It's about as good. I guess. People here tend to think of craigslist as "sketchy" and "un-mormonly" and tbh... they're probably right.
Unfortunately, the people around here tend to know what's what, and price things accordingly. I have yet to get a super-fantastic deal, but I've had a few nice grabs here and there (notably, a lamp for $8 that appears in one of my favorite documentaries).
I tend to search for "Eames", "mid century", "mid century modern" (believe it or not, there's a pretty big difference between the two, and it's usually not pretty). Occasionally, an "IKEA" search will happen, but most of the time, those things are about the same cost, or cheaper, to just get from IKEA.

It's definitely good to check both places, but more often than not, Craigslist is a barren wasteland.

Not today.
Solid wood, no major dings, beautiful design.
And also sold.
Update your listings, people.
It was $200 though, which breaks Morgan Satterfield's (@the_brick_house on instagram) $100 rule.
Which I keep telling myself I will one day abide by.

In other, less glamorous, findings, we have a lovely set of (and I quote) "Mid Century Chocolate Brown Metal Folding Chairs - Steampunk/Industrial"

All yours for a casual $70, although I'm 90% sure these were just stolen from a church building.
Ambiguously styled, ugly as sin, and chocolate being a nice euphemism.

And here, we've got a nice... carcass.

Alternatively, "Mid-century modern couch no cushions"
A bargain.


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