Kitchen Materials

So I had started this post before I learned that the plot was unusable..
But. In the likely event that I need to renovate at least some part of the house, I've started looking at different materials that I like.
The priority for all of this is still budget first, appearance… also first.

The Kitchen

VCT flooring is common for commercial use, but when done right I think it makes a nice kitchen/laundry room floor. Black is great, like Daniel from Manhattan Nest did in his kitchen (click the link to see his before and after. It's awesome). I wouldn't mind a gray color either. Maybe not white (since I want white cabinets).

Speaking of cabinets.
The IKEA VOXTORP doors look pretty awesome (online, anyway). An integrated handle/lack of any hardware makes it look modern. Sleek. Simple.
Kind of pricey.
(Update: I went and saw them in real life, and wasn't super impressed. They felt like cheap plastic. But there was only one tiny cabinet with this style, and it was kinda dirty. So maybe they're alright. Definitely seem expensive for what they are.)

Now to figure out what to put on top of the cabinets.
I love the look of wooden countertops. Plus Ikea even sells them (and we all love a good IKEA kitchen). I've heard maintaining them can be a bit of a pain though: water stains, food stains, scratches, warping…
That being said, I'm not looking to keep them in perfect condition. I don't mind some wear because I intend on using them. They're functional. If anything, I'll at least have a section of it that can be easily replaced should that happen.

Concrete is another material I'd like to have (although there are similar issues with staining…) The sink above looks amazing, but also a massive pain to make (either DIY or financially)
 I think concrete would look nice with white countertops and a black floor– but then there would be absolutely no color in the kitchen at all. Which some people don't like.
(I am not some people.)

For a backsplash,
Subway tile.
Easy, simple, good looking, decently cheap.

Still need to actually find a house to shove all of this in though.


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