House Hunting

There are few things that are as exciting and frustrating as looking for a place to live.
On one hand, I want to throw things (mostly because of budget, but also because some people have no taste and ruin everything they touch. And also because of budget).
On the other hand, finding an amazing house that could be mine is a heart pounding, thrilling experience. Until someone else buys it, then I go back to hand #1.
But seriously, why do people ruin good houses? (See earlier aside: people have no taste.)

A potential option could be building my very own house(!)
I found a lot for sale, and even though it's tiny, it seems like it could be feasible. That being said, it has been on the market for over 300 days, which is a bit of a red flag. Also, I have no idea what the process is to turn a floor plan into a Real Life building.
Lucky for me, my uncle is a building contractor.

I found this floor plan and absolutely dig it. A giant wall of windows, a nice open living room and kitchen area. Plus with two entry ways, one on each side, it's just the right amount of unusual. The plan says this is a 2 bedroom, but that's a pretty… bold stretch. I'd call it a 1.5 at the most.
But the plan would be to add in a basement with a TV room and maybe 2 or 3 actual bedrooms for who knows what (I  might do AirBnb to avoid having permanent roommates).
Then the "sleeping loft™" would turn into a study/office area (where I will probably spend 80-90% of my time crying over homework).

Other changes I'd like:
- Ditch the fireplace. It kind of blocks light, and makes building and insurance more expensive
- Add in a mudroom by the laundry room, with space for dog crates (although, I just had the thought that they could potentially go in the basement… hm.)
- Flip the master bathroom and closet around so that there can be more windows in the bathroom.
- Put an island in the kitchen. Maybe leave room for a dining table. I feel like a bar would be more functional for me than a dining table, but both would be nice if they fit.

My (non-monetary) goal for this house is to have a plant be able to live in every room. I think that extending the front wall of windows down into the basement (and partially excavating it) would look awesome, and give a bit of light down there.

Now to contact the city and find out lot sizes, setbacks, utility availability, required improvements… 


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